The art of Cardistry is an endlessly fascinating pursuit, with a global community of hobbyists proving, on a daily basis, that a simple deck of cards can be one of the most versatile tools for the expression of creativity and skill.

Within the last 1.5 decades alone, we’ve seen Cardistry emerge as a truly standalone art form, and a large part of this accelerated independence is due in no small part to the fact that when it comes to Cardistry, progress does not happen in isolation. Were it not for the internet, Cardistry might have died in obscurity — instead, what we have is a worldwide, interconnected network of fellow enthusiasts, functioning both as a receptive audience as well as a source of constant inspiration.

This multitude of voices, styles, approaches, and perspectives is one of Cardistry’s biggest strengths. The goal of this blog, then, is to provide a platform where these different viewpoints can be shared and expressed in detail — where people can have the breathing room to both expand upon and ruminate on a single subject for more than 15 seconds or 140 characters at a time.

Every week, a new article from a different contributor will be published on this site. The topics will vary, but the one thing that they all share is that they will each be related to Cardistry, in one form or another.

Our hope is that these articles set a precedence for more insightful, thoughtful discussion about this wonderful art of ours. After all, if people with an outsider’s perspective can write engrossing, in-depth pieces about Cardistry, who’s to say that we can’t do so ourselves? We are, after all, our own target audience.

So with that in mind, we hope you’ll join us each week as we delve deeper and deeper into the world of Cardistry as seen through the eyes of its practitioners. Because as Nikolaj so iconically proved, there’s only one proper answer to the question, “Who Shuffles Like That?”

We do.