In April of 2015 I filmed and released a jam video titled We Shuffle Like That. Filmed in New York during the days leading up to – and following – Cardistry-Con 2015, it was a jam video full of familiar faces. I don’t think there’s ever been that amount of cardists in one video at the same time – ever. It was also a video that seemed to resonate really well with the community, whether it was inspiring the new generation or bringing a sense of nostalgia to the old schoolers and those who were there.

It got me thinking about how important I think jam videos are to this artform and this community, so that’s why I’m going to share some of my thoughts with you on jam videos.  I’m choosing to use my own work as examples because I’m very familiar with them, and because I’ve made many more jam videos than I’ve made performance videos. So while I might seem to focus only on my videos – please keep in mind that some of my favorite jam videos of all time were made by others – and I’ll get back to that later! But, before we venture deeper into the jam video genre, I want to show you what I’ve actually made over the past ten years.

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About Allan Hagen

Norwegian magician, filmmaker and cardistry enthusiast. Perhaps best known in the cardistry community as the man behind the camera. Greatest hits include the Blackpool, Magic Weekend and Chris Hestnes videos. Former member of the Dan and Dave forums and Decknique. Official old-schooler.