An old cardist once said, “think inside the box, everyone else is too busy trying to think outside of it.” At first read, this may seem like an attempt to stifle creativity since “out of the box” thinking is equated with creativity and is encouraged. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that “in the box” thinking can’t be creative. The quote could be interpreted as inhibiting. Indeed, if you know the quoted cardist, that interpretation may seem like the correct one, but another more useful (and more correct) interpretation is this: look inside the box for things that are neglected. Whatever the meaning of the quote, it leads into the focus of this article, which is to explore, exploit, and employ basic moves as an engine of creativity.

Regarding Basic Moves

Before continuing, the definition of “basic moves” (for the purposes of this article) will be clarified. Basic moves are easy and simple, and uniqueness is a plus.

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About Andrew Avila

Andrew is a cardist residing in Portland, Oregon. Check out his download Assorted Works, where he teaches Six Pack and two other original creations.