I have always wanted to create good cuts. Obviously my first creations were not so good, so around a year ago I tried to step my game up. This is when I started to put a lot of thinking into my creative process. Below you will find some ideas I keep in mind while I create — ideas I developed during the past year.

I believe a cut should be seen as a whole. A cut should make sense, which is why everything going on during the move should have a purpose during the cut. All the packets should be important, and none are less important than the others. By designing a cut this way, your first impression is that you get the feeling that the flourish is well-balanced. It feels like all the packets are interconnected and if you remove any one of them, the whole cut will not work anymore.

Conversely, if you add an extra packet, it will just lay there and add nothing to the move. I’ve seen lots of cuts where people like to add as many packets as possible so their cut looks more complicated, but complexity doesn’t necessary mean beauty, nor do I think adding a packet only for this purpose will end up with a good cut. Of course, creating a cut where every packet has the same importance is really difficult. As such, I try to make sure that every packet has at least something to bring at one point in the cut.

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