“The impact of criticism is often not the intent of the critic” – Ze Frank

Putting things on the internet scares me every time. It’s hard to put yourself out there, open to whoever decides to comment and voice their opinion. That’s why it’s important as a community that cardists provide a nice, pleasant place for people to share content they’ve created.

In addition to cardistry, I do have other things I do with my life. One of them was a research program where we were forced to consistently present to other members, and give feedback to the presenter. Currently I think the cardistry community could work on treating everyone with a degree of respect, even if the people on the receiving end of the criticism aren’t good at cardistry.

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About Billy Markowitz

Hey, I'm an all around average guy with hobbies besides cardistry including lockpicking, creating amazing spotify playlists, running, and playing the game spyparty.