Some 2,500 years ago, Confucius said, "if you want to define the future, you have to study the past".

So, before looking forward, let's take a step back to see where and what we've come from. This should be a fitting theme for the opening article of this blog.

My humble goal in writing this is to grant you some insight into how this art of ours has evolved since I last was involved in the scene. My hope is that this will inspire us to propel the art even further.

- Chris

After five years of intense studies and a couple of internships in a few of the “big law” companies in Norway, I found myself facing a four-month vacation. Poor me, what was I supposed to do with all that spare time?

Feeling I had reached my big goal in Cardistry (or card flourishing, as we used to call it) with the production of Papercuts in 2010, my interest for the art slowly faded to nothing. Sure, I would bust out the casual Bullet Time, Pandora or Molecule 2 every now and then. I also lurked about and viewed a few of the more popular Cardistry videos to spawn during this period, but the spark was gone. I would pick up a deck and sit with it for five minutes until it bored me or life got in the way. I would also meet up with my good friend Allan Hagen every now and again, and we would film a short performance video – but the creativity and inspiration was long gone. I couldn’t come up with something new and interesting even if my life depended on it. Somewhere along the road I figured “this is it, I’m done…”

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About Chris Hestnes

Old school cardist experiencing how it is to be a noob all over again. You might have seen me in such projects as Papercuts and Nidaros. Follow me on Instagram @chrishestnes - I'll soon be posting some cardistry again and I want to do some giveaways.