So, outside of cardistry, I’m a designer, and I’m finishing up my third year of study in design. Design may appear to some people to be a very random discipline, but it actually isn’t quite like that.

Design is partly about feeling and intuition, but it also has clear rules, which is what separates graphic design from just random scribblings of a three-year-old. Visual design has theory.

So what about music? What transforms random frequencies into an actual song? If you’ve ever sat down at a piano with no training, you will quickly notice there’s many places to go wrong. How come your random blabbering doesn’t sound like actual music? Enter music theory. As soon as you start to play in key, acquire a sense of rhythm, and learn about those things called chords, your blabbering might start to sound musical. Then after a few years of studying the other 14 musical principles, you should be sounding like actual music. Music has theory.

So what about say, writing? What separates actual, solid, riveting novels from Twilight fanfiction? Well, writing has so many theories I won’t even list them all… you might’ve learnt about a few figures of speech at school, maybe metaphors, onomatopoeia? Well, Wikipedia lists 204. What about narrative technique, such as foreshadowing? There’s another 64! And thats just looking at story writing. So without a doubt, writing has theory.

So what about Cardistry?

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